• Image of Wind Speed and Direction Switch
  • Image of Wind Speed and Direction Switch

The Instromet wind wind speed and direction switch is designed for activating or de-activating peripheral equipment.

This unit comes complete in an IP rated enclosure and can be powered from 240v AC.

Wind speed activation range is 0-90mph and the wind direction activation is via the eight main compass points.
Further controls are "on" timer, to prevent activation caused by short sharp gusts and an "off" timer to ensure the wind parameters have fallen sufficiently before de-activation of the switch.

The Wind switch incorporates a relay which can be used in either the normally open or normally closed configuration to switch a load of up to 5A. Any loads greater than this should be switched via an electrical contactor.

A wind sensor with 25 metres of sensor cable is included and this can be one of two different variations. The two variations of wind sensor available are, "Basic" and "Pro". The "Basic" version incorporates two sintered bronze bearings in its cup assembly and the "Pro" version uses a ball bearing at its base and is ideal for harsher environments, such as coastal areas.

Part numbers:

Basic Wind speed and direction switch - 353 0003 001
Pro Wind speed and direction switch - 353 0004 001

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